Rudra Tattva     




The ‘Rudra Tattva’ book, written by Maunish Vyas, was blessed on Monday 19 July 2010 by Bhagavān Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who immediately consented to publish it and translate it into as many languages as needed.


This book gives the inner meaning of each stanza of the Sri Rudram along with its overall import. It contains in addition the word-by-word meaning and global meaning of Gaṇapati Prārthanā and Śhiva Saṅkalpa Upaniṣhad. To read a short presentation (PDF) of the book, please click here.


The 2nd revised & enlarged Edition of the book is available in the Bookstores of Prasanthi Nilayam (Puttaparthi), Brindāvan (Bangalore) and Dharmakshetra (Mumbai).


The Rudra Tattva e-book (PDF) is downloadable.

The English script verses in the e-book are in Roman Coloured Coding Script (RCCS) format with the udātta (upward note) and anudātta (lower note) svaras properly marked.


Hear this crystal clear chorus recording of children (13 to 17 year-old-girls studying at SSSVN school, Navsari) most energetically chanting the vibrant mantras of the Rudra-namaka-chamaka from the Kṛṣhṇa Yajurvēda (taittirīya śhākhā).
You can listen to the MP3 file or download the ZIP file.


You can also:

      –  view a slideshow (PDF) revealing the inner meaning of the Rudram, according to the book;

      –  read a table (PDF) with the regular meanings v/s the inner meanings of the eleven anuvākas of Rudra-namaka.