Sri Rudram     



Some explanations
Rudram forms a very important section of Kṛṣhṇa Yajur Vēda. Rudram is generally understood to be a prayer to Lord Rudra. In fact, it is the essence of all the Vedas, viz. Ṛg Vēda, Yajur Vēda, Sāma Vēda and Atharvaa Vēda. […]”  Read the article


Rudra Tattva
The ‘Rudra Tattva’ book, written by Maunish Vyas, was blessed on Monday 19 July 2010 by Bhagavān Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who immediately consented to publish it and translate it into as many languages as needed. […]”  Read the article



This section allows you to listen to or practice the chanting of Rudram.  Access the section