France 2011-2014    



19 October 2014




10:45 am       Kumbha Āvāhanam

11:00 am       Rudra Pārāyaṇam & Yajña

02:00 pm       Yajña final

02:30 pm       Pūrṇāhuti

                      Kalaśha Abhiṣhēkam

                      Śhiva Nāmāvālī

03:15 pm       Bhajans

04:00 pm       Maṅgala Āratī





This fourth Rudra ēkādaśhinī, which took place at Muthumari Amman Temple in Paris, gathered around 150 persons. Thirty Vedam chanters, male and female, took part in the sacred recitation meant for the well-being of our Planet. Saiveda France group had the opportunity to enrich itself of some chanters coming from different corners in Europe (England, Italy, French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland).





In parallel of the chanting, a yajña was conducted by a bramhan and the Priest of Shirdi Temple (Ivry). To listen to a brief extract, please click here.



After 3 OM, the recitation opened with Gaṇapati Prārthanā. You can listen to the whole prayer by clicking here.