Early Season Rudra ēkādaśhinī    



Each new season (around the European solstices and equinoxes), different groups gather locally in order to chant Sri Rudram eleven times in the form of a rudra ēkādaśhinī. This chanting is organised simultaneously in various places in the world (Paris, East of France, Italian-speaking Switzerland, Gabon, Quebec, Canada, Spain, England, Italy, Mexico, Germany, USA). For further details on these places or to inform us about your wish to participate or form a new chanting group, please contact us.


Dates of the season rudra ēkādaśhinīs in 2018:


           18-03-2018   ;   17-06-2018   ;   23-09-2018   ;   23-12-2018




   12:45: installation and internalization


   13:00: chanting

                                gaṇapati prārthanā

                                samāna sūktam

                                rudra ēkādaśhinī

                                samāna sūktam

                                samasta lōkāḥa mantra


   16:30: short meditation


Please note that during the first ten cycles of namaka, the last stanza of namaka anuvāka 1 (Om namastē, astu bhagavan viśhvēśhvarāya) and the additional Rudra mantras which follow tryambakañ yajāmahē ( rudrō, agnau ,…) should not be chanted.



“[…] chanting and conducting oneself as per Rudra-mantras
will lead to World Peace and Harmony.”
(Rudra TattvaMaunish Vyas)



Annual rudra ēkādaśhinī reports:


   France 2011-2014   ;   Europe 2015 with Śhrī Maunish Vyas