Origin and Universality
“‘Vēda’ means knowledge; it always is. It has no beginning nor end. It is referred to as an-anta, without end […]  Read the article

Sounds and Meanings
Even if you cannot chant the Vēdas, if you only listen to the sounds with devotion, they will elevate you to a higher level. […]  Read the article

Welfare of the World
“Today, a great deal of wickedness, troubles and turmoil are prevalent in the world due to the decline of the influence of the Vēdas. Water, air and food are all tainted by pollution. […]  Read the article

What they Teach
“‘Ananto vai vēdāḥa’ (The Vēdas are infinite). The Vēdas are immeasurable, unrivalled and filled with bliss. Vēda is derived from the verb ‘vid’, to know. Knowledge of the Supreme is Vēda. […]”  Read the article

Foster Vēdas
“Every individual should take a pledge to nourish the Vēdas on the right lines. The welfare of the nation and the prosperity of the world are dependent on the Vēdas. […]  Read the article